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Online TypeScript to Java API translator

This page gives access to a Web Service that translates TypeScript *.d.ts APIs to Java APIs, so that they can be used with a Java to JavaScript transpiler.

Input Output
A zip file containing a directory per project/library, and *.d.ts files in each directory. For instance, if you want to translate jQuery, you would have jquery/jquery.d.ts. All dependencies should be zipped along in the zip file, except for the core and dom libraries, which are automatically added (for example, if you want to translate bootstrap.d.ts, you also need to include jquery.d.ts). A zip file containing the translated Java source code in the JSweet format. Each input directory produces a corresponding def/dirname directory/package with the Java files in it. The def/dirname can be inserted in a project and compiled, or even packaged as a candy (Maven artifact). At the root of the produced zip file, you will find a report.txt file, which contains errors and warnings reported during translation (still beta).

(be patient after clicking the button, it may take a while to translate)

JSweet is looking for a new maintainer/owner! If interested, please contact us at details...