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Recently, I came across this’s post, which shows how to use the GWT transpiler in a standalone mode. It is quite interesting to look at the output of the given simple example and to compare it with JSweet output. (more…)

JSweet version 1.0 was released today.

JSweet is a Java to JavaScript transpiler built on the top of TypeScript and it gives access to hundreds of up-to-date and well-typed JavaScript APIs from Java. The following figure shows how JSweet translates from the TSD repository and uses the TypeScript tsc compiler and APIs (d.ts) to transpile Java into JavaScript.

With the release of version 1.0, I would like to explore the main reasons why you, as a programmer, would want to try JSweet out, and ultimately use it to program Web applications in a better and safer way.

Reason 1: Type Safety and Robustness

This is the most obvious reason, of course. JSweet ensures strong typing on JavaScript APIs and programs. JSweet has been designed to match TypeScript typing concepts and a JSweet program can bring the same type safety level as a TypeScript program.  (more…)

JSweet is looking for a new maintainer/owner! If interested, please contact us at details...